Welcome my friends!!!
I am MishuAnubis, i like to play online riddles and i made some of myself (Riddle of Anubis 1 -10, all are now frozen :( )
My recent one : MA Riddle , if you didnt play you can give it a try here
I got some new ideas and a new riddle was born: Genius Riddle.
There are 4 paths:
- spring (25 levels + 5 bonuses), summer (25 levels + 7 bonuses), autumn (25 levels + 5 bonuses) and winter (25 levels + 5 bonuses). And also a final level (hehe) with many hard sublevels.

Big thanks to:
- Davidm (Notpron)
- gamemastertips (Cipher:Crack the code)
- rnightshroud (RNS riddle)
- kobe li (The String Harmony)
- mehphew (Alternate Visions)
- minson (Combinats)
Your riddles inspired me and give me some ideas

BIG thanks to my testers: Shaharc (main tester which gave me a very valuable feedback and many ideas), Angua and TurningTides.